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NuMe Organic Argan Oil for Skin and Hair, 2 Oz.

  • Dried out hair from all the fabulous styling you've done to it? Not to worry--NuMe's got the perfect elixir for those thirsty locks. With NuMe's famous Arganics, you can give your hair the moisturizing experience it deserves. Your hair will fall in love with our Argan Oil, a luscious recipe rich in Vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids. This specialized non-greasy formula will penetrate damaged hair cuticles, leaving your hair stunningly healthy from the inside out. But wait--there's more! Our advanced Arganics reduces drying time in damp hair while deeply hyrdrating and prevents fading on color-treated hair. Argan Oil is also ideal for dry and tired skin as a reparative moisturizer, soothing rough and ravaged spots from head to toe. Shine on with a refreshing aroma and a Brand Nu perspective!

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