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Devita Optimal Rejuvenation, 1 oz.

  • Optimal Rejuvination by Devita 1 oz Liquid Optimal Rejuvination 1 oz Liquid This revolutionary product combines DMAE (helps to lift) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (super anti-oxidant) with active amino peptides nutrients and enzymes to create a powerful free-radical scavenger and all over anti-aging super serum. Also encourages healthy cell turnover with face eye and neck area appearing firmer while the look of fine lines and wrinkles are minimized. Helps to revitalize and restore that taunt feel and youthful glow - go on discover your own rejuvenation For over ten years now DeVita has been dedicated to developing beautifully pure age defying skin care products. DeVita now brings that care and expertise to their exclusive line of color cosmetics - ab-so-lute minerals. Just great healthy coverage you can count on absolutely... Directions After cleansing and toning apply over face and neck with light upward strokes. Use morning evening or both. Follow with moisturizer. 

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